Returns data from the advertiser's business profiles on Yandex.

  1. Request
  2. Response

The advertiser can get data for businesses that meet at least one of the following criteria:

If the business profile didn't pass moderation in Yandex Business Directory, the NO value is returned in the IsPublished parameter. The business profile cannot be linked to an ad in this case.


Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "get",
  "params": { /* params */
    "SelectionCriteria": {  /* IdsCriteria */
      "Ids": [(long), ... ] /* required */ 
    "FieldNames": [( "Id" | "Name" | "Address" | "Phone"
                     | "ProfileUrl" | "InternalUrl" | "IsPublished"
                     | "MergedIds" | "Rubric" | "Urls" 
                     | "HasOffice" ), ... ], /* required */
    "Page": {  /* LimitOffset */
      "Limit": (long),
      "Offset": (long)
Parameter Type Description Required
Params structure (for JSON) / GetRequest (for SOAP)
SelectionCriteria IdsCriteria

Criteria for selecting business profiles.

FieldNames array of BusinessFieldEnum The names of parameters to get. Yes
Page LimitOffset

Structure that defines the page for paginated selection of data.

IdsCriteria structure
Ids array of long IDs of business profiles to get (maximum of 10,000). Yes


Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": { /* result */
    "Businesses": [{ /* BusinessGetItem */ 
      "Id": (long),
      "Name": (string),
      "Address": (string), /* nillable */
      "Phone": (string),
      "ProfileUrl": (string),
      "InternalUrl": (string),
      "IsPublished": ( "YES" | "NO" ),
      "MergedIds": {  /* ArrayOfLong */
        "Items": [(long), ... ]
      "Rubric": (string),
      "Urls": {  /* ArrayOfString */
        "Items": [(string), ... ]
      "HasOffice": ( "YES" | "NO" )
    }, ... ],
    "LimitedBy": (long)
Parameter Type Description
Result structure (for JSON) / GetResponse (for SOAP)
Businesses array of BusinessGetItem Business profiles.
LimitedBy long Sequential number of the last object returned. It is included if there was a limit on the number of objects in the response. See the section Paginated data selection.
BusinessGetItem structure
Id long ID of the business profile.
Name string Name of the organization.
Address string, nillable Address of the business.
Phone string Phone number of the business.
ProfileUrl string Link to the business profile on Yandex.
InternalUrl string Link to the business editing page in Yandex Business Directory.
IsPublished YesNoEnum

Indicates that the business profile passed moderation in Yandex.Directory and is published.

A business profile can be linked to an ad only if the YES value is returned for the IsPublished parameter.

MergedIds ArrayOfLong

IDs of business profiles that are combined with the main profile (the ID of the main profile is specified in the Id field).

Only IDs of profiles linked to the advertiser's ads are returned, and only if the request omitted SelectionCriteria.

Rubric string

Type of business.

Urls ArrayOfString

Links to the site and social networks.

HasOffice YesNoEnum

Indicates that the organization has a physical location.