Returns sets of sitelinks that match the specified criteria.

  1. Restrictions
  2. Request
  3. Response


The method returns a maximum of 10,000 objects.


Request structure in JSON format:

  "method": "get",
  "params": {  /* params */
    "SelectionCriteria": {  /* IdsCriteria */
      "Ids": [(long), ... ] /* required */ 
    "FieldNames": [( "Id" | "Sitelinks" ), ... ], /* required */
    "Page": {  /* LimitOffset */
      "Limit": (long),
      "Offset": (long)
Parameter Type Description Required
Params structure (for JSON) / GetRequest (for SOAP)
SelectionCriteria IdsCriteria

Criteria for selecting sets. If omitted, all the advertiser's sets are returned.

FieldNames array of SitelinksSetFieldEnum

The names of parameters to get.

Page LimitOffset

Structure that defines the page for paginated selection of data.

IdsCriteria structure
Ids array of long

IDs of sets to get.



Note. The response contains only those parameters that were indicated in the FieldName input parameter.

Response structure in JSON format:

  "result": { /* result */
    "SitelinksSets": [{  /* SitelinksSetGetItem */
      "Id": (long),
      "Sitelinks": [{  /* Sitelink */
        "Title": (string), /* required */
        "Href": (string), /* required */
        "Description": (string)  
     }, ... ] 
    }, ... ],
    "LimitedBy": (long)
Parameter Type Description
Result structure (for JSON) / GetResponse (for SOAP)
SitelinksSets array of SitelinksSetGetItem Sets of sitelinks.
LimitedBy long Sequential number of the last object returned. It is included if there was a limit on the number of objects in the response. See the section Paginated data selection.
SitelinksSetGetItem structure
Id long ID of a set of sitelinks.
Description string Sitelink description for displaying the ad in expanded format.