Report type

In the ReportType parameter, specify the type of report. The report type affects which fields are available and how the data is grouped.

For example, if you set the SEARCH_QUERY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT type, the report data will be grouped by AdGroupId and Query. Note that when you group data by certain fields, those fields aren't added automatically to the report. The report contains only the fields that are listed in the FieldNames parameter.

The most general report type is CUSTOM_REPORT. It doesn't add any groupings.

The table lists the report types.

Report type Description Adds data grouping Fields not allowed
ACCOUNT_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for the advertiser's account See section Allowed fields
CAMPAIGN_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for campaigns CampaignId See section Allowed fields
ADGROUP_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for ad groups AdGroupId See section Allowed fields
AD_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for ads AdId AudienceTargetId, Criteria, CriteriaId, Criterion, CriterionId, DynamicTextAdTargetId, ImpressionShare, Keyword, Query, RlAdjustmentId, SmartAdTargetId
CRITERIA_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for targeting criteria AdGroupId, CriteriaId, CriteriaType AdFormat, AdId, Placement, Query
CUSTOM_REPORT Statistics with custom groupings ImpressionShare, Query

Statistics for display campaigns.

The report only contains data for campaigns with the “Display campaign” type, and ignores all other types of campaigns.

In the report request, set the FieldNames value to CampaignId See section Allowed fields
SEARCH_QUERY_PERFORMANCE_REPORT Statistics for search queries AdGroupId, Query See section Allowed fields
Note. All the report types use single attribution: each impression and click is attributed to only one targeting criteria, region, user age, etc.